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Phone Move/Installation Considerations...

During Phone Installs and/or moves the individual(s) requesting the work need to consider the following, if they do not consider the following unneccessary charges for later work may be incurred:

  1. All extensions to have as line appearances.(ie flash only for coworkers line which enables you to pick up at that extension)
  2. All phones to be in call group.(ie #7 will enable you to pickup the ringing phone within your group or department for coworker)
  3. Will the new extension take part of a rotation or forwarding?
  4. Will the new line require Voicemail?
  5. Is the phone to be a large 30 button or smaller 12 button unit?
  6. Location details for the install must be given.
  7. The account(1107) for charges must be given and the install must be approved via email or phone by the department account manager.
  8. The type of line either analog FAX or Point of Sale machines (CC) or normal phone line (Voice).

Base Charges are as follows:

-change display name
-add/change line appearance
-install/move line
-establish call pick up group
-change forwards
-change rings
-change billing
-change from 12sd to 30sd
-change from 30sd to 12sd
-change templates $50

Please note that if you make line appearance changes at the time of a new install, there are now additional charges for those line apperance changes. Ex: If you install a new line, and want that line to appear on three more phones. The $100 install charge covers all those line apperance requests also.

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