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How do I enable call-forwarding temporarily?

To enable temporary call forwarding do the following:
1. Press the SPKR (speaker) button

2. Press * then 3. You will hear two beeps. Then dial the extension to which you want to forward. You will hear two more beeps and the word “FORWARD” will appear on your phone display. (NOTE: So long as your phone is forwarded, the word “FORWARD” will also appear on any other phone in your telephone group. Groups are features such as a “hunt group” where an incoming call rolls from one extension to another, or where you can answer someone else’s extension from your phone using #7, or have a hardwired connection with a service lamp indicating that they are on the phone).

How do I disable call-forwarding?

To disable forwarding do the following:
1. Press SPKR

2. Press # then 3, and you will hear two beeps
The display will be clear again.

How do I access my voice-mail box from off campus?

1. Dial 972-860-7444

2. When the system answers, press the * key. The system will ask for your ID, which is your telephone extension plus the # key.

3. Then enter your passcode, which is the same one you use to access voicemail while on campus.

4. You can check your voicemail from any phone on campus just by dialing 7444, pressing *, entering your extension plus # and then entering your password plus # as usual.

How do I change my outgoing message from an off-campus phone?

See above to access the voice mail system.
1. When the system says, "you have x number of messages”, press 4 for set-up options, then 1 for greetings, then 1 to change your outgoing greeting. You have two choices for outgoing greetings. The first greeting is your standard greeting, which will remain unchanged unless you change workgroups, titles, or want to update it for some reason. Your alternate greeting is the one on which you will record campus-closing information, or out-of-the-office greetings, such as when want to tell callers you are on vacation or will be off campus during work hours.

2. Hit the # key to skip your outgoing greeting and you will be given the choice of re-recording your standard greeting or turning on your alternate greeting. Hit 2 to switch to your alternate greeting. You will be offered a chance to set an automatic end date (press 1) where the system will switch back to the standard greeting. If you press 2, then you will have to remember to change your greeting back to the standard greeting, when the campus reopens, or you have returned to work. Once you have made the selection, then you may record your alternate greeting.

3. To revert back to your standard greeting, repeat the above steps and follow the directions to select the standard greeting again.

My phone is not working. How do I troubleshoot?

If your phone is not working at all or you have no display please verify the following:
1. Check to see if the phone is plugged in

2. If a 12-button phone, check the knobs on both the right and left side are turned all the way up. If you receive a dial-tone but no display after that try the following sequence on both the 12 button and 30 button phones:
Press SPKR then # * 1 1 2 SPKR

3. Unplug and plug phone back in.

4. Lift hand-set. Display should now be restored.
If none of this works, please call 3337 or 7PCHELP at 3339, or input a tech support work order at

A Few Helpful Tips.

1. For a lengthy message that you just need to end and delete, during the message just press 33, then 7. The message will skip to the end and delete itself.

Likewise for other functions, press 3 during the message and the menu options will provide commands like pressing 4 to start the message over.

2. If you dial an extension for a specific person and just need to skip past their greeting to leave them a voicemail, press # which will skip to the beep. Please note that this will not work on our automated lines such as the main campus line.



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