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Check repair status of your PC
Request media equipments such as projector, CD player etc
Phone requests include phone and line repair, replacement
Data drop is needed when you need more network ports
Other services that IS department provides
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Services Offered

  • Personal Computers:
    Hardware and Software Installation & Support for over 1300 PCs. Create & Maintain Numerous Ghost Images.

  • Printers and Plotters:
    Network and Local, Ink Jet and Laser

  • Data Drops:
    Adds and Troubleshooting

  • Phones:
    Adds, Moves and Changes for Digital, Analog and VOIP Systems

  • Fax Machines:
    Installation and Trouble Shooting

  • Personal Communications Devices:
    Installation & Sync with GroupWise Email

  • Multimedia Equipment:
    Digital Projector/PC/DVD/VCR Combos, Sound Systems for audiences from 25 to 4,000, Overhead projectors, TV/ VCR Combos, Slide Projectors, Boom Boxes w/ CD Players, Math Kits.

  • Video Duplicating:
    New High Speed VHS Duplication

  • Software Archival:
    Hundreds of Software Titles are maintained and working copies are burned.

  • Hardware Purchasing:
    Specifications, Quotations, Colleague Order Entry, Maintain relations with hardware Vendors for after market support.

  • Data Cabling:
    Install and maintain several miles of CAT-5 cables that connect each of around 1300 PCs.

  • Altiris Vision:
    Install and Maintain Classroom Computer Presentation System.

  • Inventory:
    Maintain widely diverse inventory of bulbs, monitors, keyboards, mice, remote controls, security cabling and locks, hard drives, floppy drives, power supplies, NIC cards, data cables, carts, hubs, telephones, phone cords.

  • Student Technical Training Program:
    Supervise and employs student computer majors as workers in an effort to give them practical experience, since 2009. This program has been widely acclaimed as beneficial for these students and for the College.

  • Off Campus Support:
    DFW Construction Technology, South Irving Center and North Irving Center.

Educational and Administrative Technology division is the third-year Top Team Award winner Top Team Award winner three-years in a row!


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